20 Ocak 2016 Çarşamba

Hate and Anger

He was walking through the misty streets of the city, all alone, all by himself. Nothing on his mind, and hearth. Only him and the sound of the angry wind. He was actually thinking about his life and future. Future? What a fancy word for a very selfish thing.

Is there a real future in front of him? No. There was nothing than a blank space in his life. It was all dark, and nothing was clear. He was only aware of the fact that he was alone. He had friends, real ones, and not-so-real ones. But none of them was with his side when he needed. So they were not so real, huh?

He leaned against the bridge and just made his mind pass through the waves of the river. His thoughts were swimming in the water and his hands were shaking because of the cold. However, he did not realize he was cold. He was mumping that song again unconsciously. It was the lullaby that his mother was singing when he was just a little boy. He was all happy and full of dreams back then. Just thinking about a butterfly would make him happy. However, now, he was full of hate and anger.

All these things brings one question to minds. Why is he like this?

Because of love.

To be continued,


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